Bar Mitzvah invitations

Bar Mitzvah at the Western Wall. Your mates and relatives will enjoy the celebration of your son’s initiation. Invite them to experience every part of the interesting program, which we create just for you. Festive mood together with the benevolent atmosphere will accompany you. Attention and warmth will make your boy feel comfortable during the ceremony. We guarantee to make all the Bar Mitzvah wishes come true.

Bar Mitzvah at the Wailing Wall will turn into a lovely ceremony, which will leave awesome memories and unforgettable emotions!

Simple & amazing Bar Mitzvah at the Kotel Western wall. Wonderful in every detail

We are attentive to every detail of the occasion (especially what concerns agreeing on them with you), that’s why your son, you, and all your guests will definitely like it. We also put a strong emphasis on the preparatory learning of your son in order to teach him what to do at every stage of the initiation ceremony. The lessons include not only Torah reading but also writing certain parts of it.

Everything will be organized according to your desires and preferences including the decorations, dishes, music, and the general program of the event.


Gorgeous in every detail.

Every part of the program will be thoroughly elaborated so your son’s Bar Mitzvah at the Kotel Western Wall turns a lovely event, memorizing and fun!

With our support, Bar/Bat Mitzvah in Israel will become the best!

Planning a Bar Mitzvah in Israel. How will your Bar Mitzvah be if you order it from us

What happens at a Bar Mitzvah party? Your son becomes a full member of the Jewish community, an adult person. Now he should pray and read the Torah as all the other Jewish men. To make an occasion special, it is vital to take care of every detail. Bar Mitzvah party planners can help you with it! We are ready to take the responsibility for the Bar Mitzvah preparation and let you enjoy the celebration. We guarantee the festive mood and unforgettable emotions from the initiation by the Jerusalem Wailing Wall.

Israel: the Wailing Wall as the best choice for Bar Mitzvah                                                                                                                       .

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Any Bar Mitzvah boy will definitely enjoy the celebration by the Israel holy Wall, which is organized by our planners. They are experienced in the organization and always try to satisfy the customers. If you are not satisfied by any part of the ceremony, which is doubtfully, we’re ready to give you back up to 50% of the cost paid.

Every second of your holiday will be recorded on the tape including praying at the Western Wall and other unforgettable moments.

bar mitzvah in jerusalem

We offer only experienced photographers and operators, who will accompany you from the beginning to the  end of the event to catch every moment you want to remember. Bar Mitzvah ceremony at the Kotel, your speech, blessings & greetings, and finally, an amazing party with dances – we won’t lose any detail. We guarantee the high quality of the materials and the best angles.

Our Bar Mitzvah package in Israel: exactly what you are looking forh                   .

bar mitzvah ar the kotel

With our support, your Bar Mitzvah boy will have the initiation made at the highest level. His friends will also enjoy it! Our Rabbi strictly follows all the Jewish traditions, while we embrace all the spectrum of your desires and wishes to it. Visiting the Western Wall and celebrating Bar Mitzvah there is the deep wish of every boy. We offer all-inclusive services to relieve you from any cares.

Awesome savings on Bar Mitzvah at the Israel Kotel – the best Bar Mitzvah in Israel cost

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We organize the event at the highest level, so you and your guests won’t be disappointed. We also offer as low price as possible. We assure that you won’t find a cheaper offer with the same qualified planners anywhere. So, don’t worry about your money and enjoy the moment! You pay less but you get more. The package at the moderate price includes the full program with excursions, rituals, good music, and dances created by our planners just for your family.

Bar or Bat Mitzvah organization. Enjoy the best and unforgettable event created by our team!

We promise to do our best to organize a remarkable celebration just for you. We always keep to all the Bar/Bat Mitzvah traditions and make the event really amusing. Let us turn every second of the occasion into something unforgettable and lovely for you and your callers. We persuade that you’ll remember it with the feeling of warmth even years after the occasion. Wonderful best-quality pictures & video will help you with it.

Bat Mitzvah kotel

You pay the best price that allows you to save a lot

But did you know that you also receive so many free services included? They are the inseparable part of the ceremony making it thorough and 360° well-prepared.

  • To make everything perfect, we will train your son practically and informationally

  • We make all support to your guests in order not to forget anyone and anything, which may include flowers, red carpet, and inflatable Rabbi doll

  • The sounds of music made by the graduates of The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance will enchant you

  • As the most important part of Bar Mitzvah, reading Torah is a moment to which your son will be practically prepared, trained (and self-trained too, as we expect) and he’ll be eligible to demonstrate he is an adult now by reading an appropriate part of Torah

  • The Rabbi who has already conducted hundreds of such ceremonies will be a strict guide and mentor to make it all happen within the religious guidelines

  • Your boy will obtain a hand-written manuscript made by feather and ink by an especially trained hand-writer

Memories will be saved

Video and photo will be done throughout the entire event, from the beginning to its end and then professionally processed to give you the best memories lasting for years.

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So close to the shrine

Kotel is right here, just reach your hand to touch it – the closest distance to the shrine shall make the moment not only solemn for all involved people but very exciting for the boy himself.

Order Bar Mitzvah right now!
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We can offer you unique terms

You will be surprised with the ease and skillfulness of arranging and conducting the ceremony by us

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Torah scholar Hagai Ben-Haim is very experienced Rabbi, who will make the ceremony not only warm-hearted but in full accordance with Torah readings

I want it right now!

Learn more right now and select from different packages

Please go to the ‘Bar Mitzva Packeges site’, choose the best one that will suit you, and book it please, to your satisfaction.

Ask us for any little detail.

Chuppah at the Western Wall

A Miracle of Chuppah at the Wailing Wall

When you organize a beautiful Chuppah ceremony, you save the warm memories of the celebration. Chuppah is used not only for weddings but also for the other memorable dates, including Bat and Bar Mitzvah. You can use this canopy for your daughter or a son to make the ceremony even better.

Bat Mitzvah at the Western Wall

Bat Mitzvah for girls

The ceremony celebrates the initiation of a young woman. In other words, a child becomes a member of the Jewish community. Such an occasion for the girls is always special and should be organized according to the traditions. The planners can make the event nice and memorable.

Bar Mitzvah in Jerusalem

The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem is the best place for the organization of Bar Mitzvah. We offer a beautiful ceremony at the holliest place for the Jewish people. It is vital to keep to all the Jewish traditions and help the boy to prepare for the most important event in his life. Our Rabbi is always at your service.

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We offer the Western Wall in Jerusalem for the celebration of your son’s Bar Mitzvah.

We are hitting your expectations!

His initiation will be organized in accordance with the Jewish traditions. Our experienced Rabbi can help the boy to prepare and learn before the ceremony. You and your guests will visit many wonderful places, while the celebration will be accompanied by the nice sounds of drums and shofars. We guarantee to make Bar Mitzvah at the Jerusalem Wall memorable!

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The price includes everything

All-inclusive package for the celebration of Bar Mitzvah by the Wailing Wall of Jerusalem
If you sign a deal with us, you can forget about any cares concerning the organization. The price you pay includes the whole program of the event.

No additional spending
No unexpected extras will occur on the day of celebration. You can just enjoy the festive atmosphere and open the gifts for your Bar Mitzvah boy.

A permanent price
After signing a contract, the cost cannot be changed as well. The spending for transfer to the Western Wall in Israel, rituals, photos, and other things are included.

When the Bar Mitzvah day comes, you won’t have to worry about anything as we will have already dealt everything and will gently guide you through the ceremony from the beginning to the end including the rituals by the Western Wall in Jerusalem and the joyful party. We can also help you with sending Bar/Bat Mitzvah invitations to your friends.

Exceptional experience

Over 200 families are already 100% happy with their Bar Mitzvah at the Wall in Israel. We have a wonderful experience and know how to organize a good celebration. Unforgettable emotions, warm atmosphere, and wonderful memories – these are a few things you can get. Along with the Jewish traditions, we understand how to make the event interesting and fashionable. No worries! Just enjoy an awesome moment of your son’s maturation.

Order my Bar Mitzvah!

A nice restaurant – the best gift for Bar Mitzvah boy

We offer you dozens of options that range in price, menu, and closeness to the Western Wall of Jerusalem. They all are suitable and have been used numerous times to feed the guests and make a festive celebration really tasty. Select any of the places that we offer and we will make the decorations and prepare the dishes according to your wishes. Don’t forget about the sweets and the cake! The best chefs are at your service.

I surely want to!

Still have any questions? Feel free to contact us

We are available 24/7. You can contact us at any time comfortable for you. We are ready to tell you about the Jerusalem Wailing Wall, the rituals and plan of Bar or Bat Mitzvah ceremony. Our experienced Rabbi will be glad to consult you on the preparation for Bar Mitzvah and the Torah readings at the Wailing Wall of Jerusalem. Contact us right now and dispel all your doubts concerning the ceremony itself and its organization!

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The Bar Mitzvah ceremony with us will be one of the happiest days in your boy’s life.

Easy, memorable, and thorough

Free of cares, festive, and warm
We rake the full responsibility for the organization of your ceremony. Just enjoy the celebration at the Western Wall in Jerusalem and the party!

In strong accordance with traditions
Our experienced rabbi will accompany your son at every stage of preparation and the ceremony itself.

Cheaper than ever
You will hardly find any planners, who offer an all-inclusive package of services at such a low price.

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The Wailing Wall of Jerusalem

Jerusalem Wall is the holliest place, which is perfect for the Bar Mitzvah celebration. With us, your event will become memorable and full of joy.

No worries during the organization
We are ready to organize everything for you and support you from the start to the end of the occasion at the Western Wall in Israel.

Everything you need to know before sending Bar/Bat Mitzvah invitations

We have all the information concerning the rituals and rules of the ceremony organization. We will consult you on any questions and prepare your child for the most important event in life.