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Bar Mitzvah

Bar Mitzvah from the point of view of religious content it represents To check your Judaism knowledge, give the quick answer on this matter: what’s

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Bat Mitzvah dresses NYC

Today we are talking about the proper and recommended dress style for Bat Mitzvah. Dresses in NYC can surprise with their diversity, colors, and cut decision but which are recommended to wear according to the existing commandments or rules of a congregation? Not only for marvelous and many-cultural New York City but also for every other city and town on the planet, in which you want to shine with the excellence of your taste in attire, we are giving some practical considerations below.

Bat Mitzvah dresses for guests

Being a guest of a certain festive ceremony, you will certainly dress differently from the hero of the day. That’s why it is vital to know, what to dress right. Girls Bat Mitzvah dresses are of particular importance – no matter if she is a guest of the event or the hero of the moment.

Below, there are specific pieces of advice you would want to follow.

  • Attire must cover all those places on the female body that aren’t destined for public demonstration. Those places are specifically defined by the Law: the skirt must fully cover knees and skin above them and below the waist, sleeves must cover elbow and above, clavicles must be closed too. The latter one is often omitted, though, as there are a lot of dresses for the ball, for instance, that presume fully opened shoulders. But not every community will find them proper.

  • The dress must not be too screaming in colors. No red or orange color or close hues to them are allowed in dress and makeup. You can paint your nails and lips to make them slightly brighter than of the natural hue (this rule is very often omitted though in the modern fashion, depending on congregation and occasion). To make it softer, however, it is generally advisable not to wear clothes where red and orange are of overwhelming dominance. Try to stick to moderate hues of scarlet, burgundy, cherry colors, which are allowed. Try blue – it always looks profitable and fashionable.

  • Always wear neat, clean, worthy, decent, and beautiful clothes.

Bat Mitzvah dresses

However, if you think that the strict clothes are something that suit best all occasions, don’t. Sometimes, it may be too awkward for you and people around if your dress styles will differ dramatically. When you are a girl or a young woman of the 21st century, allow yourself more ease in clothes. Stick to the general understanding that you have to dress up in accordance with occasion and outlooks of people who host this or that occasion, not stepping from your faith. The dress must comply with your inner world and underline the beauty of your heart. Do not think that rules don’t change through centuries. But surely, for Bat Mitzvah and akin, dress in respect to God.

When deciding on what to wear, decide with weighted optimality that would balance several factors: the requirements of the Law towards the general dress code, the views of your congregations, your personal feeling, and the occasion. Also consider the rules of your place of living, work, and leisure.

This will make you feel the fashion and the required connection to traditions simultaneously. Try to ask your rabbi about the right balance between strictness and ease.

Of course, if you are one of the twins and you plan to go out together, Bat Mitzvah dresses for twins shall demonstrate your unity and uniqueness at the same time. So you may wear absolutely the same clothes but to underscore your personalities with differing accessories or gadgets.

Bat Mitzvah

The modern currents of the kosher dress code

The world of fashion is evolving, being especially high-paced in the 21st century. Today, a person belonging to any congregation can easily find the suitable image in dress, respecting the style of his or her ancestors at the same time. You can be stylish, not stepping away from commandments.

The issue of actual and traditional style that would be classy and stylish is always the case for women, no matter where they live – in a small village or a huge megalopolis like NYC. For someone, the modesty rules are implied to everyday fashion in strictness because of her decision, but someone is softer in this issue, sticking to them only when going to synagogue or being invited to such solemn celebrations like Chuppah or Bat/Bar Mitzvah. 

Dress code is a question that forms the shape of our everyday living. We don’t wear flip-flops to the theater and do not wear the evening dresses to the business conference – that’s just general rules. So the dress code is not only defined by your belief or a personal feeling. It is also shaped by the place, the type of outdoor occasion and the people that host it. The most rules are specified for the high society parties of huge companies and in the diplomatic protocols. Of course, there are many requirements for the Royal persons and their guests. For instance, Angelina Jolie completely covered her shoulders and all tattoos on the body when she was dressing up for a meeting with the Queen of England, wearing a classy suit of ivory color that covered her collarbone, elbows, and knees.

So, in the middle of the preparation to meet the God, all His children – Jews – must think of complying with the required dress code with the inherent thoroughness. Tzniut requirements are specific about what women should wear, paying much more attention to their attires than to the men’s suits.

Bat Mitzvah dresses NYC

Defining fashion

The big fashion houses of the 21st century have several suitable solutions for the dress of Hebrew women. Most of them refresh their kosher collections more than once a year, giving a vast choice of stylish things. There are many types of kosher fashion that do not come in contradiction with Tzniut, so a modern lady really has a choice to make. There are no more territory limits – thanks to the Internet, it is possible to order the dress you like even through a thousand kilometers by simple pressing of the buttons. Such loud fashion designers like Karl Lagerfeld, Nicolas Ghesquiere, Stella McCartney and others with pleasure create different kosher collections, collaborating with Zara, H&M, and Adidas.

So what a woman shell think of when searching for an appropriate kosher collection? First of all, how to better visualize own image and to reveal the striving – whether you are an adept of classics or geometric avant-garde, would you want to be remembered in the image of a romantic-fleur girl or as a successful businesswoman. The same as the kosher style in food is not limited only to Jew set of dishes, but it only defines the rules of use of ingredients. In the dress fashion, the set of rules prescribes colors, length of sleeve and skirt, prohibiting pants for women. Based on the geography of your living, social status, the circle of communication, and peculiarities of you as a person, you are free to make multiple choices within the religion you have.

Shatnez is also of importance: for Jews, it is prohibited to wear a combination of wool and linen. This combination is really far from the common use today but, since these two are natural materials, they could be of frequent use in the times of creating Torah.

Stylish Tzniut is not about your incomes – it depends on your desire to work for your image and efforts you put in. But, first and foremost, it depends on your self-awareness or self-realization in the eyes of God, your desire to be well accepted by Him. And, in the sense of this point of view, only the length of your skirt or sleeve will not be enough but only become a part.

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