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Photo and video services

Ascending to Torah

Ascending to Torah

Solemn procession

Ascending to Torah

What is the really vivid celebration of Bar Mitzvah at the Western Wall, which gives a storm of emotions?

Unrestrained fun

Jolly music does not stop during the entire ceremony

Memory about every moment of the ceremony

Bar Mitzvah at the Western Wall

A photographer and operator work for you during the entire rite from A to Z without stopping

A turnkey transfer

Bar Mitzvah at the Western Wall

We will meet your guests at the celebration like our own family members

Unique guarantee

Unbridled WOW-effect is guaranteed! If not – we are ready to return you 50% of the event’s cost

Fabulous economy

We guarantee you that your Bar Mitzvah will be organized exceptionally well at the best possible price

A hand-reach closeness to the shrine

The entire ceremony is going on the square in the direct proximity to the Western Wall

A video that’ll tell more than 1,000 words about Bar Mitzvah:

Do it right now: learn more about the celebration of Bar Mitzvah at the Wailing Wall and special conditions for you!

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What are the advantages for Bar Mitzvah at the Western Wall at the sunset:

  • You don’t have to miss the entire working day in order to make the Bar Mitzvah ceremony at the top level

  • You spend a half of your working day on work and after the lunch, you go to the place of a solemn hour of Bar Mitzvah

  • The temperature at the sunset is more comfortable during spring-summer seasons than in the daytime

  • All the stages of Bar Mitzvah ceremony are conducted as well: ascending to Torah, reading prayers, solemn movement along the Kotel, putting Tefillin

  • A good possibility to admire the beauty of the dying day in the evening sunrays

bar mitzvah kotel

Only with us – you receive all the below-mentioned for free!

  • Your son’s preparation for the rite that includes the practical education and training

  • Additional WOW-effects: red carpet, flowers, inflated air balloons with blessings, inflated dancing rabbi doll

  • The best musicians – graduates of the Rubin’s Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance

  • Wonderful sound – we work with professional sound amplifiers

  • Reserving the Torah’s scroll – reading parts from Torah that relate to what’s happening

  • The experienced rabbi that has been conducting Bar Mitzvah for over 8 years now – he guides the ceremony and is an educated Torah’s scholar named Hagai Ben-Haim.

  • The Bar Mitzvah’s certificate – a documented approval that the ascending to Torah was done at the Western Wall.